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Contrary to popular opinion, scorpions are not man’s best friend! We know our neighbors here in Mesa are concerned with the scorpion population, and so are we. We have the knowledge and expertise to protect your home and your family.

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Crandell Pest Control’s Home Seal is the #1 solution for keeping scorpions out of your home.

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We have been operating in Mesa for years and our technicians are the best at eliminating your scorpion problems.

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We keep scorpions away from you and your family.

We love living in the beautiful surroundings of Mesa, but we know there is one drawback with desert living… scorpions. While many scorpions aren’t poisonous, some definitely are, while none are welcome visitors to your home. Even the newest and most tightly-outfitted homes have gaps and points of entry that appeal to scorpions of all sizes. We will thoroughly review your home’s interior and exterior and identify gaps found

  • Between the foundation and the exterior of your building
  • Pipes or vents in your roof or the sides of your house
  • In your electrical and A/C outlets

Our home seals provide a reliable, effective solution to your scorpion problems. Using screens, covers, and non-toxic sealants, we eliminate all entry points and secure your home. Our incredibly detailed approach will force the next scorpion to look for his new home elsewhere.

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Our home seals will keep you and your home safe from scorpions.

We have been using Crandell for almost 10 years. Best pest control company we have found in Arizona! They’re very thorough, always on time, are friendly & courteous and they keep the bugs away!

Carrie E., Mesa, Arizona

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You won’t feel stung by our professional pest control service.

We offer the most comprehensive scorpion control solutions in Mesa.

At Crandell Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our quality of work, and at having experienced technicians who are trained in the most effective pest control techniques. Scorpions are the #1 reason our neighbors call us for help, so you can be sure we have plenty of experience eliminating this threat.

We know you want service that is professional and we respect that. We also promise to respect you and your property. That means we will show up on time and we won’t do anything to damage your home. We offer a no contract policy because we don’t want you to feel locked into a long service contract. Our work speaks for itself, and we are confident you will choose us for your pest problems whenever the need arises.

  • Expert scorpion control technicians
  • We promise to show up on time
  • No contracts means no hassles, just guarantees

$1 Million in Liability Insurance

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