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About Crandell Pest Control

Preston Crandell, Owner

Started as a family business in 2002, Crandell Pest Control has been serving Mesa, AZ and the East Valley for nearly 20 years. Owner Preston Crandell has been in the pest control business since he was 15 years old, while working in the warehouse of a pesticide and herbicide distributor. It was there that he learned how to build pest control equipment. His high school summers were spent working as a technical for a pest control company.


Crandell Pest Control has since grown into the trusted service it is today, with a team of technicians and a fleet of trucks offering a number of services.

Seth has been wonderful to work with! Knowledgable, efficient, friendly and answers any questions we have. I also love the reminder text that Crandall Pest Control is coming. Definitely recommend them!

Marcelle Calder Happy Crandell Pest Control CustomerMarcelle Calder, from Google

Great experience with Crandall Pest Control!! Had been struggling with signs of roof rats for awhile and none of the things we tried seemed to completely eliminate them. They responded quickly to our inquiry, showed up when they said they would, and were honest and friendly. Knowing now how affordable and effective they are, we wish we would have called them immediately!!

Laura Perry five star rated pest control queen creekLaura Perry, from Google