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Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

No more pest problems at your place of business.

All businesses in Arizona be actively treating

their store front or place of business for pests on a monthly basis. Crandell Pest Control makes it simple to exterminate pests that might negatively affect your business and recommends monthly treatment for all businesses especially restaurants. Each treatment recommended by Crandell Pest Control is tailored to each business’s specific needs.

Industrial facilities are also in need of regular pest control services in order to limit exposure through pests such as cockroaches. Crandell Pest Control techs are trained and specialize in all types of industrial treatment applications.

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Industrial and Commercial Pest Control

Termite Inspection, Control, Treatment, and Extermination for Businesses

Many Arizona Businesses are susceptible to termite infiltrations. Typically, termite mud tubes can be seen on exterior and interior walls of your building. Mud tubes can also be seen on floors, and ceilings, as well as around your landscaping. Discarded termite wings and droppings are also a sign that you might have a problem. A termite infiltration left untreated can lead to serious problems for your business. Contact Crandell Pest Control today if you are in need of a commercial termite inspection.

We at Crandell Pest Control offer several important Termite services. We offer affordable inspections that meet the requirements for business owners in Arizona. We offer effective termite treatment and extermination solutions that will rid you of these unwanted pests. If you are in need of termite services, please use the estimate tool on this page or call us at 480-386-1375. We are here to help with any of your pest control needs.

Your termite problems a thing of the past.

Your scorpion problems – gone.

Commercial and Industrial

Scorpion Control, Treatment, and Extermination for Businesses

There are several different types of scorpions that reside in Arizona. We specialize in treating and exterminating all types of scorpions. Business owners often worry about the threat that scorpions pose to their clients or customers. Make sure that you don’t suffer from surprise scorpion stings at your place of business. Our scorpion treatment is child and pet safe. We treat the exterior of your business with a spray developed to eradicate scorpions. We also use dusts on the interior and exterior of your property around plumbing fixtures and windows. Granules are used on landscaping including gravel, river rock, and grass.

One key element of effective scorpion treatment is monthly pest control service. Monthly service essentially eliminates the scorpion’s food source in and around your business. Our monthly service will prevent scorpions from showing up around your place of work.

Commercial and Industrial

Bee and Wasp Removal Services for Businesses

Bees and wasps in Arizona tend to be more active during the spring and summer months. It is common in Gilbert for bees to build their hives in concrete columns, cracks in your exterior walls, and roof joints as well as trees and gardens. Worst case scenarios can find them inside your walls. You have two options when it comes to treating bees. First, you can contact a local bee keeper to see if they have room and feel comfortable with accessing the hive. Second, you can eliminate the hive and queen with special chemicals and then seal up the affected area. We specialize in these types of bee removals and use safety equipment along with best practices. Pricing for our bee removal service depends on the size of the issue. Call us for exact pricing.

Wasps tend to build their nests on porches, near garages, and in drainage gutters. Most people are stung by wasps in late summer when wasp colonies stop breeding new workers. One or two frosts in the winter months can typically eliminate wasps. However, if you see wasps buzzing around in the spring or summer then you will want to call us. Treatment for Wasps includes spraying the affected area and removing the nest. Pricing for our wasp removal service depends on the size of the issue.

We have treated several bee issues around schools and businesses throughout the valley. Keeping your students or customers safe is your number one priority. If you are currently suffering from a bee or wasp problem it is important to reach out and service the affected area immediately.

No more bee and wasp problems.

Get your rodent problems under control.

Commercial and industrial Rodent Removal Services for Businesses

There are several rodents that Arizona business owners have to deal with. These include pack rats, house mice, roof rats, and gophers. Most rodents in Arizona are nocturnal which means they roam around inside your walls or roof in the evening and sleep during the day. This can make it difficult to know when you have an infestation. Typically, commercial property owners realize there is a problem when they see rodent droppings. If any of these rodents decide to nest in your business it can lead to serious problems. These problems include damage to electrical wiring, plumbing and worst of all the spread of infectious diseases. Disease include rat bite fever, tape worm, and Hanta Virus.

It is imperative that you contact a pest control specialist when you realize you have a rodent problem. Our treatment is effective at eliminating the rodents that infest your business and bringing you peace of mind. We utilize a wide assortment of traps and chemicals to deal with rodents and then we clean up any mess that the rodents might have left behind.

Commercial and Industrial

Bird Control and Removal Services for Businesses

Pigeons are the most common type of bird problem that commercial and industrial property owners are confronted with. We offer three types of bird control services. First is pigeon removal. If you are currently dealing with a pigeon problem, including waste building up on your roof or floor, then call us to remove them. Second, we offer pigeon prevention. If other business owners have complained to you about a bird problem that they have been having you will want to look at pigeon prevention to avoid any problems later on. Third, as a part of our pigeon removal service, we also clean up the affected area in order to prevent the spread of disease and deterioration to your properties exterior.

Birds causing problems at your place of business?
No more cockroach issues.

Commercial and Industrial

Cockroaches, Spiders, Fleas, and Tick Services for Businesses

Many of these pests will require individual and thorough treatments. Cockroaches, spiders, and ticks can be prevented through regular pest control treatments. However, if you are dealing with a cockroach infestation we can handle that problem for you through a special technique and chemical process.

Cockroaches often plague restaurants and the surrounding commercial properties. This is due to the build of off trash and food scraps surrounding the area. The valley is full of restaurants that have outstanding ratings for the health department. Cockroach prevention is found in effective monthly treatments. All of our products are safe to use in restaurants.

Dog grooming services often suffer with flea and tick problems due to the number of animals they service. Routine monthly service can greatly reduce the change of an isolated flea or tick problem spreading. If you are a business dealing with a flea or tick problem, call us today and we can help you right away.

Restaurant and Food

Processing Facility Pest Control and Extermination Services

Any business working with food will attract pests especially Cockroaches. The thought of a client or customer seeing a pest while enjoying a meal is a restaurant owner’s worst nightmare. The health rating a restaurant or food processing service holds is important for peace of mind. Don’t allow any pests to negatively affect your score. Protect your business and reputation with the effective extermination services offered by us at Crandell Pest Control.

Get safe and effective pest control for your food establishment..

Get safe and effective pest control for your hospitality business.

Resort, Hotel

and Hospitality Industry Pest Control Services

The hospitality industry has to deal with all kind of pest problems. Since you have guests checking in and out regularly you are susceptible to bed bugs, lice and ticks within your guest rooms. Hotels and Resorts a lot of the time have restaurants leaving them susceptible to rodents and cockroaches.

Incredible landscaping design and water areas are also found with Arizona resorts due to the beautiful weather experienced year-round. Protect your guests and reputation from unwanted pests and treat your property on a regular basis. We say it often and it bears repeating. Consistent monthly services will dramatically reduce the chance of having a pest problem

U.S. General

Services Administration (GSA) and Government Pest Control Services

GSA helps federal agencies build and acquire office space, products and other workspace services. GSA knows that offices and workspaces must be protected from pests. Crandell Pest Control offers the services that Government buildings require. This includes court houses, schools and other administrative buildings throughout the valley.

Get safe and effective pest control for your government office.

Get safe and effective pest control for your home owner association

Property Management

and Home Owner Association (HOA) Pest Control Services

Crandell Pest Control currently works with some of the most successful property management companies in and around Phoenix. We pride ourselves on the customizable approach we offer property management companies of both residential and commercial properties. If you represent a property management company, please contact us today for a free quote.

Home owner’s associations have common grounds that they maintain on a weekly basis. There are also irrigational basins and playgrounds. Basins tend to be a hotbed for Scorpions and other pests. Playgrounds must be protected in order to provide a safe environment for children and families to play. We currently work with several HOA companies in Arizona.

Health Care Hospitals

Medical Offices, and Treatment Center Pest Control Services

Pest control services are common for the health care industry. A sanitized environment free of obnoxious pest is important for healing. Crandell Pest Control treats hospitals, medical offices and all treatment centers within the medical industry.

Get safe and effective pest control for your home owner association
Get safe and effective pest control for your home owner association

Storage Facility

Pest Control and Extermination Services

Pest control services are common for the health care industry. A sanitized environment free of obnoxious pest is important for healing. Crandell Pest Control treats hospitals, medical offices and all treatment centers within the medical industry.

Crandell Pest Control

Service Options for Commercial and Industrial Clients

What can commercial and industrial business owners expect from Crandell Pest Control? That is an excellent question. We pride ourselves on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the service we offer we will make it right. We are not happy unless you are. No contracts are another huge win for business owners. We won’t tie you down to a contract that leaves you frustrated if you are not seeing the results you expect. Pest Control companies that require contracts tend to get lazy with their services.

Crandell Pest Control is one of the highest rated pest control and exterminating companies servicing the great state of Arizona. Looking around the web you will see that our clients are thrilled with the service they are receiving. We are licensed, insured, and current with all trainings and specialties within our business category. Thank you for considering us for your pest control needs, we know you will not be disappointed!

Our contact policy means no hidden fees.