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Bird control problems are prevalent in Arizona, especially in the spring with migratory birds. Bird control is necessary in order to prevent the spread of disease and damage to the exterior of your home or living space. We have the knowledge and expertise to protect your home and your family from birds.


Crandell Pest Control’s bird control treatment products and devices are the best available on the market.


We have been operating in Mesa for years and our technicians are the best at taking care of your bird problems.

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Our bird control methods will keep you and your home safe from disease.

keep birds away from you and your home.

We love living in the beautiful surroundings of Arizona. Homes in this area have relied on stucco for the exterior covering of their homes. This brings along, pillars, over hangs and the need for A/C units to cool our homes interiors. All of these places are perfect for birds to build their nests. Out of control tree growth in your outdoor landscaping also offer birds cover and protection for their nests. Even the newest and most tightly-outfitted homes have gaps and points of entry that appeal to birds of all sizes. Avoiding the exterior damage and disease that comes with nesting birds is crucial. This is why we will thoroughly review your home’s exterior and landscaping in order to identify possible points of entry. Some of these points of entry are:

  • Allowed overgrowth of palm trees, especially those close to your home.
  • Pipes or vents in your roof or the sides of your house
  • Areas where you have food and water for outdoor pets.


Our bird control treatments provide a reliable, effective solution to your bird problems. Using screens, covers, spikes, and non-lethal traps, we eliminate all entry points and secure your home. Our incredibly detailed approach will force the next bird to look for his new home elsewhere.

Our bird control services are fast, effective and affordable.

Bird Removal

the most comprehensive bird and pigeon control solutions in Arizona.

When discussing effective bird control methods it is important to keep one thing in mind. The best methods in the world will not work if not installed properly. This is why it is so important to use professionals like those found at Crandell Pest Control.

Currently the most effective methods are to use spikes. Bird spikes can be placed in and on flat roofing surfaces as well as eves and over hangs. Gutter spikes can be placed on the outside of gutters to prevent birds from landing or nesting. Post and wire systems are great for areas where you do not want to see the product. Lastly, bird shock systems can also be used to keep birds off of fences. These shock systems use a little low voltage to scare the birds away when they land. You don’t need to worry about what treatment method is the best for you to use. We are here to do that for you.

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