We keep bees and wasps away from you and your family.

Arizona Honey Bees tend to be most active during spring when they are collecting pollen. There hive is made out of wax. They typically are not aggressive unless provoked. It is common in Arizona for them to build there hive in concrete columns, cracks in your exterior walls and roof joints as well as trees and gardens. Worst case scenarios can find them inside your walls.

Wasps such as yellow jackets and hornets tend to be more active during spring and summer. Wasps tend to build their nests on porches, near garages and in drainage gutters. Most people are stung by wasps in late summer when wasp colonies stop breeding new workers. One or two frosts in the fall and winter typically eliminate wasps. For more information on the differences in species of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, etc…Check out our Pest Identifier Library.

It is possible to contact a bee keeper and have them remove the bees for you if they have room at their farm or feel confident in accessing the nest and effectively moving it without damaging the nest or your home.

Having any of these flying insects near your home or around your home can potentially be deadly. Especially if you have a family member who is allergic to the sting. That is why it is important to contact us at Crandell Pest Control as soon as you see bees swarming in certain areas or wasps consistently landing and leaving.

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Proper Removal of Bees and Wasps in Arizona

Treatment usually occurs in the morning or late afternoon when bees and wasps are less active. This means a majority of the workers are present and the bees and wasps will be less aggressive during treatment. We have also treated commercial buildings and schools effectively during the day when people are working or students are in class in order to be safe.


Crandell Pest Control specializes in removing bees and wasps. Our treatment includes getting rid of the queen and any workers present at the time of treatment. Workers that return later on will also be affected by our treatment. In areas where it is possible, we will also remove all traces of the nest. We wear all of the proper gear necessary to effectively treat your home for these insects.


All of the products we use to eliminate your bee and wasp problem are child and pet safe. We only use the best products and procedures found in the industry due to our continued education and treatment development. We are the experts in bee and wasp removal because we eliminate the problem all of the time in the valley of the sun.

We have used Crandell Pest Control since we built our house in 2004. Their customer service is always great – over the phone and in person. I highly recommend Crandell Pest Control to anyone needing bee removal or any kind of pest service.

Andrea Miles, Mesa, Arizona

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Our bee treatments start at $75. Keep in mind that pricing will depend on the situation. Sometimes the bees can be in a difficult space to reach, meaning treatment takes longer and more care is needed in order to eliminate the problem. If you call us, we will be happy to get the details of the problem and give you a quote over the phone.


Probably the best part about our bee and wasp treatment is that we offer a three month guarantee that they will not return to that same location giving you peace of mind and the assurity that we are here to help you with any pest control needs that you might have.

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$1 Million in Liability Insurance

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