Rodent Pest Control


We will eliminate your rodent problem!

Many Arizona residents are woken up at night with the sounds of scratching in their walls or roof. Roof rats and mice have easy access to most home due to landscaping.


Our rodent removal process is thorough and effective.


We have been operating in Mesa for years and our technicians are the best at eliminating your rodent problems.

We safely remove rodents away from you and your family.

The most common rodents found in the Phoenix-Metro area are roof rats, pack rats, and mice. Roof rats can measure up to 18″ inches long. The danger with these rats is found in their urine and feces, they are harmful to humans. We remove roof rats through sticky traps and baiting. All of the products we use are placed out of harms way from children or pets.

Arizona pack rats grow to be between 6 and 8 inches long. They are very active at night. Most homeowners are awakened due to their movement and scratching. Sealing your home can be affective in preventing these pests.

House mice are unique in that they rely on humans for shelter and food. House mice are much smaller then rats and can navigate around your home with ease once inside. It is common for house mice to produce forty droppings or more in one day. For more information on the different types of mice, rats, and rodents, check out our Pest Identifier Library.


It is very important that you address a rodent problem right away. These pests can do serious damage to your home. Successful treatment includes:

  • Effective bait placement will eliminate rodents quickly.
  • Sticky traps strategically placed in and around affected area.
  • Exterior sealing can prevent rodent problems from occurring.


Our treatment methods provide a reliable, effective solution to your rodent problems. Using screens, covers, and non-toxic traps and bait, we eliminate all entry points and secure your home. Our incredibly detailed approach will force the next rodent to look for his new home elsewhere.

We offer the most comprehensive

rodent removal solutions in Mesa.

At Crandell Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our quality of work, and at having experienced technicians who are trained in the most effective rodent removal techniques. Rodents are a common issue in and around the Phoenix Metro area. Many new clients have turned to us for help, so you can be sure we have plenty of experience eliminating this threat.

We know you want service that is professional and we respect that. We also promise to respect you and your property. That means we will show up on time and we won’t do anything to damage your home. We will check the affective area for rodents including their droppings and any damage that might have been done to electrical wires or insulation. We will set traps and baits around the areas we see are affected. Periodically we will return to check traps and refill baits until your rodent problem is resolved. We will also clean up any waste or debris left behind by rats or mice. Suggestions will be made by our experts on how these problems can be prevented. This includes trimming trees back from the house by at least three feet.

Clients who are interested can take advantage of our affordable landscaping services. We are out treating your home for bugs, why not have us maintain your yard!

You won’t be dissapointed in our professional pest control service.

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