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Whether you were born in the Valley or you have moved here in recent years you know that as far a bugs go, bark scorpions are on the top of the list of things we hate to see in our homes.

Most homes in Arizona are built with stucco. This leaves a lot of options for scorpions to enter your home by calling up your stem wall, even in spaces as thin as a credit card. We anticipate this so we put an exterior barrier of pesticide around your home & foundation to kill any insects, mainly scorpions, making their way inside.

Investing in AVERZION’s Slick Barrier means investing in the long-term protection of your home and structures. Not only does our barrier keep scorpions out, but it also enhances the efficacy of existing pesticide treatments. By keeping pests in pesticide-treated areas for longer periods, our Slick Barrier technology reinforces your current pest management strategies, providing an added layer of defense.

When it comes to scorpion prevention, AVERZION’s Slick Barrier technology sets the industry standard. With its exceptional performance, pesticide-free composition, and comprehensive protection, our barrier is the ideal solution for safeguarding your home and loved ones. Experience the difference with AVERZION and enjoy a scorpion-free environment for years to come.

How Does It Work?

Keep The Scorpions Out With Averizon

◇ Along with our targeted pest control treatments we now have a new product proven to increase the effectiveness of our pest control service. Averzion is a glossy coating that we apply to the base of your stem wall. It creates a slick barrier that prevent scorpions & other unsightly or dangerous bugs from entering your home. Not only does it keep bugs out of your home, but it prolongs their exposure to the pesticide barrier we apply bi-monthly ensuing a higher fatality rate for unwanted pests.
AVERZION revolutionizes scorpion prevention with our innovative Slick Barrier technology. Our barrier creates a smooth and slippery surface that scorpions find impossible to climb or attach to, ensuring your home remains pest-free. Unlike traditional pesticides, our Slick Barrier is a physical solution, offering long-lasting protection without the need for ongoing chemical treatments.

Averzion IS a

Pesticide-Free Coating.

It is a one time treatment that is applied every 2 years. If you are experiencing multiple scorpions in your home a month, or even if the thought of one potentially coming inside is too many, then Averzion may be right for you. Ask us if your home will qualify for this treatment.

Unmatched Performance and Durability

This slick barrior technology utilizes a tile-like glaze that dries clear and forms a glass-like surface. Within just two hours, it dries to the touch, and in 72 hours, it fully cures, providing a robust barrier against scorpions. This durable coating remains effective for extended periods, ensuring your home remains protected year after year.

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