We use Crandell every other month for pest control and they do a wonder job. Keeps the bugs away!

Lisa Stone-Raby, From Facebook


I have used Crandell for years to do our pest control so I thought I’d try their landscaping service since I don’t trust many service companies. The yard was professionally groomed and I believe it helped sell our house quickly! They also did a pre-emergent so I didn’t have to worry about the weeds coming back while people were touring our house.

Andrew Dodge, From Facebook


I have been using this awesome company for many years. The friendly service we receive each month includes full service inside and/or outside of the home, whichever is preferred. They are always willing to provide any information you might need regarding the pesky critters that might be bothering you. I totally recommend using Crandell Pest Control.

Mignon Johnson, From Google


Excellent work and great attitudes!

Coakley, From Nicejob
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We’re not happy unless you are.

All of our service plans are 100% guaranteed with no
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Friendly on time and a great value.

Charlene Walsh, From Google


I have been using CRANDELL PEST CONTROL for 13 years. If they were not good at what they do and provide efficient and friendly service,then, i would not be using them! Very satisfied with them.

Bob Moore, From Nicejob


I have been using Crandell Pest Control for several months now and am very happy with their service. Not only are they effective in controlling my pest problems, I appreciate their flexibility in scheduling their service times.

Sue Ligocki, From Google


Highly recommend! Always on time, flexible, reasonably priced and knowledgeable. We use them for a monthly service and had to treat the house for termites. In remodeling we pulled up the flooring and they came out and treated under the floors for no additional cost. Wonderful company!

Sara Evans, From Google

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Always answer all my questions, they are prompt and punctual. Friendly and courteous, they have been my Pest control guys for more than 10 years.

Deya Garey, From Google


Crandell Pest Control has been meeting our business needs for a few years. Now I’m happy to say they provide service to my home.

Philip Pajak, From Nicejob


Always friendly and comprehensive since we are Canadians they adjust to our needs.

Chantale Roy, From Google


Crandell Pest Control provide excellent service and does a great job communicating with customers before during and after a job.

Steve Ramos, From Nicejob

A few more services we‘re really good at…

We provide a variety of solutions for emergency infestations and preventative pest control for homes and businesses of all sizes.

scorpion pest control mesa, az

Scorpion Control
Even the newest and most tightly outfitted homes have points of entry that appeal to scorpions of all sizes.

termite company mesa, az

Termite Control
Comprehensive treatment is required if you want to get rid of your termite problems once and for all.

bee removal mesa, az

Bee Removal
Africanized Killer Bees are becoming more and more common throughout Mesa and all of Arizona.

exterminator for rats queen creek

Rodent Removal

Rodents are associated with different diseases and are know to cause damage to your home.

pigeon nest removal mesa

Bird Removal

Our technicians use a long-term bird control method that discourages birds from returning to your yard.

weed removal mesa arizona

Landscaping Services

We provide a host of landscaping services customized for your property and personal needs.